2 Days


Day 1 :

Departure from the designated time and meeting points, we reach Bergama in the morning. We ascend to the Acropolis of the ancient city of PERGAMON, which has made one of the greatest contributions to world cultural history. The Zeus Altar, Helen Theater, Trajan Temple are some magnificent structures you will see on the 330 m high hill. In the city center of Bergama, we visit the Red Basilica, which was originally a Pagan temple converted into a Christian church. Then, we head towards Ayvalık. Before the center of Ayvalık, we go to Cunda Island. We stroll through its charming and colorful streets, visit the Koç Museum located inside an old Greek church. There will be plenty of time for Analemmatic Sundial, Stone Coffeehouse, Lovers' Hill, Cunda Bazaar, and many more.
Before reaching our hotel, we climb to the famous DEVIL'S TABLE. This is the point where all the islands surrounding Ayvalık, including Lesbos Island, look most beautiful. The footprint of the devil is an extra touch!

Day 2 :

After breakfast, this time our route leads to the center of Ayvalık. We explore everything an Ayvalıklı (someone from Ayvalık) does, eats, and how they live. After visiting the Taxiarchis Monument Museum, Clock Mosque, Çınarlı Mosque, and Tinplate Street, we take a break at the Devil's Coffee; teas, coffees, and, but since we've come this far, the must-try Koruk water. Listen carefully to our guide for where to taste the most delicious Lor Dessert, where to eat the best Ayvalık Toast; where to buy Balıkesir's more than 50 types of cheese, Broken or Round olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Pudding, and Mastic Cookies.

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